How to Prepare your AC for the Summer

As the hot summer days are rolling around the corner there are only two things that will help you have a more pleasant time during your stay at home. The first one would be to have a backyard pool, and the second one if you don’t have the money for a big pool, is to get an air condition unit. Now, if you already have an air conditioning unit and it has been off during the winter period, it’s time to perform some of the basic check-ups and get it ready for summer. Because, we all know that having an air condition off for several months will gather tons of dust on it, and additionally we don’t know in what state we left it off from the last year, so a maintenance checkup is in order.

Replace the filters if possible, or clean them

The first step is to remove the filters and perform a checkup on them. If they are severely damaged from wear and tear, it’s time to order some new ones. Filters can be bought separately usually at the store where you bought your air condition unit. However, if you don’t want to spend the extra buck, or if your filters are doing fine, but have some dust buildup on them, then rinse them down with water and let them air dry.

Clean the condenser coils

Keeping your inside part of the air condition clean, won’t be the whole job. You still have to clean the condenser coils that are on the outside. Clean the place where the big metal box is with the large fan as during the autumn period it will have leaves and dirt and grime buildup on it.


Tighten the bolts and clean the blower fan blades

As with anything that is being bolted to the wall, you have to check for some loose screws or other parts that might be hanging needlessly. Grab a screwdriver and tighten everything as you don’t want your air conditioner to get broken on the hottest days in summer.

Additionally, the blower fan blades might have some debris around them and there might be some excess water inside of the air condition metal box that is on the outside. Remove that with a rag.

Check if the freon pressure is up to par

You don’t want to be checking this part when there is a hot day during the burning summer, as this will take some time and maybe even a call to the service department to get it fixed. If you turn on your ac and there is only hot air breathing from it, that means that you are out of pressure for your freons and you need to get it back up if you want cool air coming out of your ac. This can be done if you know how to do it, but we suggest to call the ac service as they typically don’t charge much and do the job pain-free in less than half an hour.

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