Could You Stomach The Job Of A Crime Scene Cleaner?

Clean-up of crime scenes is a job for the selected few. If you are yearning to be a crime cleaner, you shall need to understand what the job requires of you. The job is demanding mentally, physically, and emotionally too.

Below are some guidelines on what it takes to stomach the job of a crime scene cleaner.

The Job Requires Commitment

A crime scene cleaner should always be ready to respond to an emergency call. Calamities are bound to strike at any time, on any day, and at any place. Our cleaners are always on the move from one crime scene to the other. You are most likely to get caught up in your job all-round the year with a limited number of days for vacation. To deliver the best in your duties, you shall need to commit to your job entirely.

Do you have some Experience?

A little bit of proficiency in related fields is a bonus to your qualifications. Individuals who have previously worked as emergency responders, firemen police, funeral homes workers, and military are more equipped for the job. At Spaulding Decon cleanup services, we give priority to applicants with some experience in the relevant fields.

A Crime Scene Cleaner Needs Strength

As part of your job description, you need mental and physical strength. Physical strength will help you survive through the physically demanding part of the job. Wearing the full-body Tyvek suits and respirators requires your stamina. Mental strength is key in helping you survive in the same working environment full of blood for extended durations without depression attacks.

Consider your Integrity

You need to stay clear of drugs as a crime scene cleaner. Crime scene cleaners are expected to be sober at all times to deliver the best results. You may be subjected to regular drug tests before and after you are hired. Background checks are carried out to root out applicants with criminal records. Regular vaccinations and tetanus shots help to keep the cleaners safe from eminent illness bouts that may render them unfit for some days.

You Must Be Detail Oriented

You need a very keen eye to be a great crime scene cleaner. Paying attention to every single detail is essential in ensuring that the scene is free of any harm to the inhabitants. This means that once you start the cleaning job, you shall need to do it to the utmost perfection to the last detail as per your training.

If you have the above qualities and experience in the relevant fields, you are well equipped to stomach the job of a crime scene cleaner. Incapacity to handle blood and gore should be a ticket for you to seek another job where you can deliver your best.