How do you become a certified spray tanner?

Spray tanning entails spraying a fine mist onto the body through the application of the airbrushing technology. The technology has tremendously improved over time due to the innovations in the industry. Importantly, spray tanners are required to go through training, get the necessary licenses, and obtain the required certification to open the spray tanning businesses. In this article, the process of becoming a certified spray tanner is outlined.

How Is Spray Tanning Performed?

Spray tanning is normally performed by the use of norvell spray tanning booth. The booth mainly contains nozzles which help in the spraying of the mist solution to the entire body. Also, the mist may be administered to the body by the use of an airgun which looks similar to the house painters’ paint gun. However, the mist can also be applied from a bottle. The following steps are involved for one to become a certified spray tanner:

• Completing The Training Program of an Esthetician

The training program includes a month of classroom lectures as well as hands-on training although the length of the program depends on the licensing requirements of a State. The course entails the study of bacteriology, skin disorders, anatomy and physiology, chemical treatments, skin treatments, skin nutrition, facial hair removal, and make-up application.

• Obtaining The License of an Esthetician

Get License of an Esthetician

Most States require the aspiring estheticians to first complete the necessary training program before applying for licenses. However, the licensing guidelines are different among States. It is therefore advisable that you check the requirements as per your state. Upon achieving the requirement eligibility, the applicants have a mandatory requirement to pass the exams, which involves written examinations and practical skills tests. Also, estheticians may be required to or not to renew their licenses periodically depending on the State.

• Get Airbrush Tanning Training

Professionals essentially take individual courses, which teach airbrushing including the usage as well as the maintaining of the airbrushing tools. It also entails mastering various airbrushing techniques such as tanning pigment mixtures preparation. More significantly, some estheticians enroll for more specialized training programs that include spray tanning and airbrushing training.

• Obtaining Business Training

In most cases, estheticians enroll for business coursework training programs that include collecting information about budgeting and service pricing. More importantly, spray tanners who are willing to start self-spray tanning businesses are advised to take additional classes including marketing, bookkeeping, as well as small business management. The technicians can as well obtain practical business experiences through working in well-established tanning businesses.

Business Training

• Looking For Airbrush Tanning Certification

Upon obtaining the required training, knowledge, and professional licenses, the technicians are expected to get certification from the manufacturer to use their products. Most manufacturers give certification programs that mainly entail training and certifying professionals to use their products. Spray tanners who have the required certification have a higher chance of commanding the market than those professionals who lack the certification.

In conclusion, estheticians are required to obtain the relevant professional training, licenses, business knowledge, and seek the required certification to prosper in the spray tanning business.